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Basset Hound Fleece Blanket

Basset Hound Fleece Blanket

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Our Basset Hound fleece blankets are designed to infuse your living space with the serene and noble spirit of this beloved breed. Ideal for cozy evenings or as a charming decorative touch in any room, our blankets cater to every Basset Hound lovers's desire, available in three versatile sizes to ensure the perfect match for your needs. 🐶✨

Premium Polyester Fleece: Each blanket is lovingly crafted from 100% polyester fleece, with a weight of 315gsm and a delicate thickness of 0.1" (0.25cm), offering a soft, welcoming embrace that epitomizes comfort.

Vibrant Basset Hound Design: Celebrate the distinctive appeal of the Basset Hound with designs that highlight their warm expressions and leisurely elegance. The vibrant colors and detailed depiction bring the characterful essence of this breed to life with exquisite clarity, adding a personalized touch to your home.

Multipurpose Comfort: Whether it's adding a layer of warmth over your lap, enhancing your outdoor experiences with a stylish picnic blanket, or simply adorning your living space with a touch of canine grace, these one-sided print blankets quickly become cherished companions. The seam thread colors are carefully chosen to complement the design, ensuring a cohesive and attractive finish.

This Basset Hound fleece blanket is more than a piece of home decor; it's a tribute to the gentle charm and laid-back sophistication of the breed, making it a perfect gift for dog lovers or a delightful addition to your own collection. Wrap yourself in the softness and warmth of our fleece blanket and let the serene presence of the Basset Hound fill your home with comfort and joy. 🏡💕

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