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Fairy's Whimsical Forest 2 (500, 1000 piece)

Fairy's Whimsical Forest 2 (500, 1000 piece)

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Venture into a realm of fantasy and whimsy with our Fairy's Whimsical Forest Puzzle, featuring a dreamy image of a charming fairy surrounded by magical woodland creatures and a glittering waterfall. Available in 500 and 1000-piece options, this high-quality jigsaw puzzle offers hours of engaging fun for children (ages 9+) and adults. Each puzzle is crafted from durable pre-diecut chipboard with a satin finish, ensuring precise interlocking pieces and a delightful assembly experience.

Elegantly packaged in a white metal tin box featuring the finished image on the cover, our Fairy's Whimsical Forest Puzzle is the perfect gift for nature enthusiasts, fairy tale aficionados, and puzzle enthusiasts.

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